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  For 30 years Ace chains have been used in material handling applications, in many countries.
    Some chains are available from stock while others can be custom designed and quickly produced. They are also interchangeable with other brands.
    Routine testing ensures Ace chains are tough and reliable, so specify Ace chain for the job.
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Mining, Quarries
Coal mining
General mining

Construction, Building Materials
Brick and cement plants
Timber and paper mills

Steel Manufacture, Metals Refining
Aluminium smelting
Metals refining (copper & zinc)
Steel mills

Food, Grain, Beverage
Beverage, brewing
Food manufacture
Fruit & vegetable processing
Grain handling
Sugar mills

Water Treatment, Sanitation, Pollution Control
Sanitation and water treatment plants
Sludge collectors

Materials Handling
Automotive assembly
Fertiliser manufacturer
Recycling systems


Design heading
Your application could be matched to a standard chain or we can design something special to suit.
Manufacturing heading
All chain is manufactured in Melbourne. This location has modern systems which are continually upgraded to provide a fast response to your needs.
Sprockets heading
Sprockets are available to suit all Ace chains.
Staff heading
Contact your local agent or communicate with us direct.
    All enquiries are welcome and we are available for site visit assistance.
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